Posted by: Dana | 2010/01/13

Jan 13 – I made it to Cairo!! Bike is here, too.

I made it to CAIRO and this place is insane!!! I wrote a lengthy update on the plane describing the past week or more, and some other thoughts, and of course, I’m having technical problems in this internet cafe, so I’ll just keep it short and sweet to let you all know that I arrived safe and sound–and so did my bike!! I got here around noon hour yesterday (Jan 12, I think) and spent the day in and around the hotel where most folks from our group are staying. I walked into a neighborhood where I got my first taste of Cairo and really couldn’t believe my eyes. The traffic is insane, no headlights, no signals, no lanes, no stop signs, total chaos on the streets. Of course, we’re all scratching our heads wondering how we’re going to make it out of here alive!! (Mom, Dad–don’t worry, we will.)

This morning I took a taxi with a bunch of other riders to the pyramids, only a few miles away. It’s a beautiful sunny day, maybe around 75 degrees. Afterwards, I went back to the hotel and got some help rebuilding my bike. What a relief to have it with me and in one piece!!! Others are not so lucky. Airlines have no explanation for why other bikes have gone missing.

We start rider meetings tomorrow and have our first “in town” ride, to work out the kinks and get the legs moving again. On Saturday, we head out of here.

I’ll write more soon, internet has been harder to come by than I thought. But, I wanted to post that I’m doing well, feeling excited, and have all of my crap with me. Of course, now I’m worried it won’t make the weight limitation for the tour truck so I’ll have to leave it all on the sidewalk. We’ll see!


  1. Good luck Dana! Glad you made it there safely 🙂

  2. Dana…this is so exciting!!! We’re following your every move, so keep writing when you can! Love, Maia

  3. Woo hoo!!! So glad you made it D! What a day, to just hop in a taxi to the pyramids.

  4. Sounds crazier than NYC. Be careful-doesn’t sound like there’s too much room for bikes on the streets of Cairo. Love you.

  5. Dana,
    I am so super excited for you! can’t wait for your next post-nathan and i will be following you the whole way 🙂 be safe and have fun!

  6. Hey Dana. Glad you made it. Enjoy the craziness of urban Cairo………eat up and sleep! May the road ahead be clearly marked 🙂


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