Posted by: Dana | 2010/02/04

Feb 4 – Trying to post some photos, finally!

TDA 2010 in Cairo

This is where it began!! Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.Ready to go!! Surreal morning, truly...

Riding out of Cairo in a convoy with Amira, local rider who joined us for the day.

TDA support trucks

Sunset at the Red Sea, Safaga, Egypt. Last peek at the sea for a long time!

Luxor, Egypt. First rest day.

Jumped onto a luxury Red Sea cruise for a cold drink in Idfu, Egypt.

Sleeping on the deck of the ferry from Aswan, Egypt to Wadi Halfa, Sudan.


  1. Hi Dana,

    How are you doing? We saw Mom & Dad on Sunday at Aunt Babe’s familly dinner get-together.

    We saw the picture with you on the bike with the pyramid in the background…great shot. Mom filled us in on all your ventures. Donna has been following everything on this blog.

    Mom said you had computer problems…that sucks. I hope you have the thing working properly.

    How are your legs and behind…are you sore?

    We are very proud of you for doing this adventure. We love you,

    Uncle Marvin & Donna

  2. Wow Dana, love the photos, especially the one with the pyramid in the distance. Also seems to be a lot of hunks on the trip. Take care, scott

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