Posted by: Dana | 2010/03/26

March 26 – Technical Problems!!

Grrrrr!! My last blog update from March 23 was cut short b/c power in my computer ran out…and then I wrote a big and juicy entry today in an internet cafe, during our rest day in Iringa, Tanzania. As I tried to publish it, the power went out and I lost everything. So, just a quick note to say, we made it out of the dirt and into Iringa and in a few days we’ll be in Malawi. I love Tanzania, I hate dirt, and all is well! More bumps and bruises and a few good stories from the week to report. I’ll write more from the road over the next few days and will try to update again from our next rest day in Malawi. Happy Pesach to friends and family who celebrate, and to my own family, I will miss being there with you. Jambo, Jambo!!!


  1. Happy Passover, Dana!!! We will sure miss you being with us, but we’ll look forward to talking about you while you’re away!!!:)

  2. happy passover, dana. a little sprite from washington shared your blog address with me. fun reading, and sounds like quite the adventure. i am very proud to know a woman of such fine courage. avoid the LRA, the black mamba, and the rabid baboon (no, not the one from adams morgan), and come home safely.

    i have an adventure of my own in iraq right now (see, and am getting by just fine. despite the distance from my family and the occassional mortar fire, i am well. i wish you the best.


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