Posted by: Dana | 2010/04/17

April 17 – Head first on the Zambezi

Here I am in Livingstone, Zambia on the Zambezi River–and I took the plunge today, head-first off a bridge on the 3rd biggest bungee jump in the world. I’m not so sure I enjoyed it, but I did it! Strapped by my ankles and lead out onto a plank overlooking the river, the guy working the bungee counted down from five and off I dove. To call it crazy is an absolute understatement, but I figured I’ll probably only be here once in my life…So I took the plunge.

Vic Falls is incredible. You can feel the intensity in your heart and in your veins when you get up close to the Falls. The spray completely soaked me–as if I had taken a swim–while walking on the paths along the banks of the river.

We head out of Livingstone tomorrow and into Botswana, our eighth country. We’re starting to feel the end in sight–less than one month to go until Cape Town. The ink on the map marking our progress is astonishing.

On another note, I haven’t been feeling well–not horrible, but not quite right, with stomach problems (again!) for the past five or six days, and more recently stomach cramps and fever. I hope I can sleep tonight and will this bug away.

I know this is a short post, I’m getting chomped by mosquitos and need some rest! I’ll post more from Botswana–probably from Maun on our next rest day. Lots of love to family and friends at home and happy birthday wishes to my niece, Maya, who turns seven today and who I miss very much.


  1. Dana,
    I have been following your emails and am just in awe of you and this trip. I can’t help but think of how changed you will be from this experience. I bet there is nothing you couldn’t do in the future. I can’t wait to read that book you should write! David (your cousin in Iraq) was really happy you responded to him. You must meet him one day! Stay safe. Ginger

  2. Dana,
    Auntie Marge and her friends, want you to return healthy, happy and “decompressed” from your many, unbelievable experiences. I told her it’s like a soldier taking time to reconnect with the world left behind. Take your time filing away all those memories as you re-experience the wonders of this “taken for granted” life in the USA. Look forward to hearing all you have to share of the tour . stay well. Joan R.

  3. Wow D, I wish I could see all of the things that you are describing. Sounds absolutely amazing…….and your nuts doing that bungee jump!

  4. I hope someone took a picture of your bungee jump. I know your folks will have it mounted on the wall over the fire place. Keep on going and stay well. Stay focused on the finish it’s not far away. No tacos from roadside vendors.


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