Posted by: Dana | 2010/04/22

April 22 – One Elephant on Elephant Highway

This is a super quick posting just to provide an update that I’m feeling much, much better!!! I don’t know what I had, but mystery African illnesses stink! I rebounded yesterday and completed the 180+km ride and then again today, I rode into Maun which was approx 138km. The nurse thinks the meds I took when they thought I might have malaria continued to make me ill. Now that I’m off everything (except finishing the anti-biotics), I’m doing much better.

Botswana has been B-O-R-I-N-G so far, on one long, straight, and flat road all day, with nothing much to look at. It is a grassy plain–sometimes a little marshy, sometimes very dry. I saw one elephant, so far, and hope to encounter others–because other than that–there has been nothing on the road of interest. No people, no villages, no coke stops!! Actually, the one memorable thing I did see (in addition to the elephant) was a scene of total carnage–a post-accident scene of a truck that barrelled into a herd (a flock? a school? a possee?) of cows and killed three of them. It was tragic and bloody and really bad.

Tomorrow is our rest day in Maun and I’m going on a little excursion–a plane ride to the Okavango Delta and a boat ride while there to see the wildlife. I’m completely exhausted so I hope this isn’t a bad idea. Part of me would like to simply curl up under a tree and sleep.

Next week is a toughy–HUGE miles on extremely boring stretches of road. We have our longest day of the tour–207km, which is over 120 miles. I’ve had so much time to think, reflect, ponder EVERYTHING, that now I just cycle through (pun intended!) the same thoughts over and over again. Maybe I’m going a wee bit crazy.

Anyhow, I’ll write more soon when I have more time. Tonight we are having a bday party for our eldest rider who turns 69 today!!! Isn’t that nuts!?!? He is hosting an open bar at the campsite. Sweet!

Meanwhile, love and hugs to everyone back home. Thanks for the well wishes and concern while I was sick. I’m back on track now and will write more from Botswana, or Namibia, as soon as I can. Ciao!!


  1. Hi Dana,

    So glad to know you are feeling better. I’m really enjoying your you posts.


  2. Stay well. Stay focused. Eat well. Something to think about while you are riding is the finish line. It is getting closer every day. The question is, what will you do for excitement after this is over?


  3. Hi Dana,
    I’m glad to read you are feeling better; I really felt for you while reading that earlier post. I hope you were able to enjoy the plane ride and open bar 🙂

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