Posted by: Dana | 2010/05/16

May 16 – Kicking Back in Cape Town

This is going to be a short posting, mostly just to let family and friends know I made it to CAPE TOWN!!!!!!

We cycled 60km yesterday morning to the most gorgeous beach in the world, outside of Cape Town, with a view of the city and Table Mountain. There we met the whole group, were greeted by media, took lots of pictures, and feasted on a fabulous lunch. Our final 30km were ridden together, in a convoy, into the city. And what a fabulously beautiful city Cape Town is!! The sun greeted us for the first time in days, the rain clouds went away, and we had a glorious finale at the Waterfront in Cape Town. Truly epic, unbelievable, surreal.

Eythan was there to greet me at the finish, which was awesome. We had a banquet last night. All of the men arrived with clean-shaven faces and the women had brushed hair. We were practically unrecognizable. In the 1 hour we had between the arrival ceremony and the banquet, we all ran to the mall. I bought a shirt, jeans, shoes, and a hair brush for the occasion–all within minutes.

Anyhow, I’m writing only a quick blog entry because, quite frankly, I’m truly at a loss for words. I’m exhausted, probably more mentally than physically, and I need some time to process all that I have seen and experienced over these past few days…and weeks…and months.

I will blog more, and promise to post some photos very soon, so if you are interested, please stay tuned. I will write more as I make sense of this all and come down from what feels like total euphoria and relief mixed with a little sadness. Honestly, I’m at a total loss of words, not really sure how I feel at the moment, other than pretty tired and emotional. I’m excited to have the next week and a half to relax and enjoy Cape Town with E before heading home.

I’ll write more soon.


  1. Congratulations!


    Many congratulations on your exciting adventure and, now, its victorious ending. What a wonderful journey you have taken. I know it will take years to remeber and relive all the things opf these past few months. Savor this last week and a half. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Dana, on completing one of the most difficult…if not the most difficult…adventures I have ever witnessed. Enjoy your rest…you deserve it.

    Uncle Marvin

  4. YOU ROCK! Thanks for sharing all your experiences. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  5. Fantastic, I always felt that you would pull this off. You really know now what you are made of. What can you possibly do for an encore.

    Many thanks for providing a true insight into the mind of a hero.

    Tom Bloch

  6. You are amazing, Dana!!! A total inspiration. Perhaps it is all downhill from here… I love you!

  7. Wow, wow, wow!!! Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable. I am in awe of this amazing feat of physical, mental, and psychological triumph you have just completed. I want to know more, see pictures, hear stories. What you have done is amazing; absolutely incredible!

    Congratulations Dana! I hope to see you in Framingham soon.

  8. Impressive, at best!!! Congratulations. How will you top this??? Have fun. Stay well and safe and see you in a couple of weeks.

  9. Dana, congratulations, we are inpired by your drive and determination to succeed! A great accomplishment. My whole AF team here is amazed at the ride! We all new you would make it in one piece, what we really looked forward to were the blogs you wrote, superb prose! I have the “lowest point” paragraph framed on my office to remind me how easy we got it here in Balad.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Hopefully I will get to meet you personally in the near future as I have been assigned to VA after this tour is over.


  10. Dana,
    Congratulations on this accomplishment. It has been a pleasure following your blog and getting to know you through this. I hope to meet you someday in the states. If you are ever in the Adirondacks, NY please stop and visit and meet the rest of Erin’s family. So happy you two shared this together.
    All the best,
    Gerri Sprague (Erin’s MOM)

  11. Congrats, Dana! What a trip. What a cause. What a wow. And it’s yours forever. Way to go, gal.

  12. You are amazing. I can not wait to see your pictures and hear your stories in person. Have a blast in Cape Town, and we anxiously await your arrival stateside. We love you!!!! xoxo Maia

  13. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! YOU MADE IT!! SO AMAZING! Hopefully you are getting lots of well-deserved R & R and enjoying Cape Town!! Can’t wait to see you when you return! CONGRATS!!!

  14. dana dane! very nice work. what a journey. congrats!!!!

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