About Me


Hmmm…okay, how do I write a brief description about myself without sounding corny or self-indulgent?  I’ll give the basics and if you have questions about this trip, melanoma, my fundraising, or anything else, please feel free to contact me directly.

I’m a native New Englander, with childhood roots in Connecticut, but my fondest and strongest connections are in Rhode Island, where I landed after college.  I moved there upon graduation to work in higher education and then transitioned into community-based affordable housing and economic development. 

Four years ago, the week after Hurricane Katrina, I left Rhode Island to help out with disaster recovery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  What started out as a desire to volunteer, resulted in a new job opportunity with Hagerty Consulting and a new professional path which led me to Washington, DC.  For the past three years, I have consulted for the Federal government on issues related to disaster recovery, including temporary and long-term housing, and disaster preparedness to hopefully make communities a little more resilient after future events.

Outside of my professional life, endurance sports have been a passion of mine, a way of life, really.  I am not fast nor am I particularly good at sports, but being active is important to me.  I am always drawn to the long and rough events, probably because they provide the biggest challenge and consequently, the biggest sense of satisfaction.  I am at my best when I am striving to achieve a daunting challenge—and Africa will be the biggest one, so far, by far!

I am riding to raise money for melanoma research, awareness, and education.  This is a cause that is deeply personal to me having dealt with two melanomas in my life.  I was completely ignorant to the risks associated with melanoma when I was first diagnosed.  I remember thinking that the doctor should just “scrape it off”.  Only later did I learn the sobering statistics and realize how serious a disease I had faced.  Luckily, for me, both of my melanomas were surgically excised and my current bill of health is great.

The Tour d’Afrique represents an opportunity to challenge myself like never before, to see wild and beautiful places, and to interact with a like-minded group of travelers from all over the world.  Already I appreciate how truly unique an opportunity I have in front of me and I’m overflowing with anticipation, nerves, and gratitude for the adventure of a lifetime.

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