Person and Covey, Inc., has been a pioneer in the field of health and personal care since its founding, by chemist Lorne V. Person, in 1941. The family owned California-based company has grown with each generation to offer an ever-widening line of internationally distributed products. Person and Covey have donated a generous supply of SOLBAR sunscreen, a critical element of my sun protection care. SOLBAR is a product I used when I rode across the U.S. and it worked amazingly well. I’m proud to have Person and Covey sponsor my ride!


The following individuals have made generous donations to support 7500 Miles for Melanoma:

Jessica Adler
Rachel and Rich Albert
Tiffany Anderson
Dilek Aykut
Sandi and Andy Baer
David Barrett
Robert and Pamela Bass
Matt Behnke
Shari Berke
Tom and Ronnie Bloch
Larry and Judy Braslow
Marie and Alan Brenner
Scott and Maureen Budnick
Patrick Busch
Joan and Stanley Carp
Tyler Chapman
Denis Crean
Larry and Dotty Engle
Eilliot David
Chris Drury
Ken Duncan
Sue and Ron Farrell
Barbara Fields
Daniel Freelund
Carol Friedley
Sue and Ben Geller
Bernice Glickman
Sidra Goldwater
Ken and Kim High
Debbie and Arthur Hiller
Matt Hochstein
George Hoenig
Jeremy Howard
Richard Hunter and Catherine Eunice
Garrett Ingoglia
Jon Jacoby
Naomi Johnson
Jeff Jones
Heidi Kaplan
Caryn Kaufman
Allan and Margaret Keene
Susan and Gary Kelman
Barbara and Larry Kessler
Ben Kornblet
Sue and Jay Kotlen
Harvey Kramer
Shelley and Mike Kreiger
Mandi Leissoo
Isabelle Leveugle
Alan Levine
Susan and Alan Lewis
Sam Lieberman
Ted Litty
Gustavo Lopez
Trudi and Chris Lord
Brett and Jane Lovins
Maia and Dan Magder
Brian Magrann
David Markovitz
Megan McNamara
Patrick McNiff
Karen and Dave Nelson
Ernie and Lynn Pauschter
Person and Covey, Inc.
Dean Peterson
Sue Pineles
Allison Pretto
Bob and Jane Puffer
Sohrab Rezvan
Larry and Agnes Roberts
Rachel Roberts
Josh Rosen
Gerald Rosenberg
Laura Rubenstein
Tracy Rupp
Andy Sachs
Steve and Marsha Saft
Suzanne Saletan
Jonathan Salkoff
Eric and Allison Samek
Jane Scanlon
Paul Schwartz
Kevin Scott
Joyce and Lior Sharon
Bonnie and Mike Simon
Keith and Amy Simons
Jen Sorenson
Courtney Snye
Michael and Emily Speicher
Sue and Stanley Strouch
Leslie Tremberth
Tom Trigg
Jeanne Welsh
Phillip Wexler
Sheryl Winarick
Barbara and Larry Yurdin

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